Monday, 14 January 2008

Sad Farewell

We said our goodbye's to Liam today, he's going back to his Army base in Germany, LOTS OF HUGS before he set off though. Dave dropped him off at the station where he travels by train to the airport.

He's done well to get three weeks leave over Christmas, but it still tugs at the heartstrings when he goes. It's not the fact that he's based in Germany, that's sort of fine. It's the uncertainty of what country he might end up in, (Iraq / Afghanistan).
So what makes us feel positive is that he's happy doing what he wants to do, and we're so proud of him for that...

Friday, 4 January 2008

January Handouts

Went to pay mooring fees for a year, no don't ask how much. But it feels like too much.
The down side is that we have to pay for 2 moorings with a wide beam boat, only fair I suppose.
Anyway, something much more jolly, we went to see Alan and Chris for a while afterwards. Things are still getting delayed with the fitting out of their boat, but they take it all in their stride. You've got to laugh about these things haven't you? Haven´t you??? 

There's a bit more been done every time we go round, Alan had engraved the star (same one that's painted on the side of our boat) onto a wooden dining table. It’s inset and varnished, very impressive indeed. It's all in different shades, and even has the "shadow" bits in it, WOW...!
Liam's got a cold so he didn't go out tonight, he was on his computer chatting to me on MSN. (I'm at the boat). Dave was back at the house too because he'd been working there during the day. So he was on the computer downstairs, also on MSN, also talking to me separately. It was hilarious, especially when Liam asked me to ask Dave to "put the kettle on."

Bear in mind that he's upstairs at the house, while Dave's downstairs at the house, and I'm at the boat...

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year Or Crappy New Year?

Well this is a genuine Happy New Year to anyone who reads my blog!
This comes sincerely from the heart of one who can't see the beginnings of it yet...
We found motivation to go back to work on the house stairs again – it’s so drawn out because everything needs at least 3 coats of paint / varnish / oil etc. The spindles go all round the landing too. (70 spindles altogether), feels like we're stuck in an endless loop...
We (obviously) still feel a bit "down," totally unseasonal and there´s no sense of achievement from it all.
Not being able to sit down and relax on New Years Day is weird, but whatever it takes,, ya gotta do what ya gotta do...
Moan over...