Sunday, 16 March 2008

The lonely goose finds a friend

Well we're talking geese (plural) now. As you can see in the photo below, the one on the left is clearly visible. But the goose (singular) to the right of it isn't. This is because it was doing a moony and kept showing me it's bum, while I stood there waiting for it to strike a (decent) pose.
Perhaps it was protesting about something?
They're both Canada Geese (plural) and yes, there really are two in this photo…

Well the sun is shining here today, hard to believe I know. Dave and Alan are both sat outside fishing. Dave sits on our jetty, while Alan fishes from the back of his boat. It makes me laugh, because they both sit there in silence till one of them catches something.

Then a big discussion ensues about type of fish, size, weight, colour, condition. There’s even a difference of opinion sometimes. Fascinating stuff eh? (Yawn).

And just a little added extra, they both now have the pleasure of sitting opposite the goose (singular) still doing a moony, I bet neither of them has even noticed it…

Saturday, 1 March 2008

A Very Unusual Mothers Day

No time for relaxing here at the house, I went outside and painted the garden shed white while I had the enthusiasm. It was FREEZING outside - but I didn't care - it's another job done, another box ticked. Believe me, I was the same colour as the shed when I came back indoors...

On a totally different note... The house loo hadn't been flushing right all day, brings back memories of the boat when the filter was blocked with four ply toilet tissue. But we were too busy to bother with it, besides we thought it would just flush itself through eventually...

Totally knackered, we sat down to catch up on some TV, it was only later we suddenly remembered about this new loo problem. I’m losing the will to live here. No rest for the wicked and all that sh*t. We hunted round for the plunger & couldn't find it anywhere, then we realised it was still at the boat. No problem I said, my mum and dad will have one, merrily skipped over there, but no they didn't.
However, my dad came up with the wonderful idea of using a hosepipe to flush it through, I sat there thought to myself "Never heard that one before." Oops, our hosepipe's at the boat. So we borrowed my dad's, when I told Dave about the idea, the first words he uttered were "Never heard that one before!"

By this time we were getting desperate (excuse poo pun). Dave hooked the hosepipe up to the tap in the bathroom sink, but it wouldn't fit right, (knew it wouldn't). So while he's holding it on with a rag round it, I've got the other end down the loo as far as it would go. Which wasn't very far at all really...
Dave's saying "Push it down as far as it will go" I'm saying "I am doing but it won't go any further because of the plastic end bit, it’s too big!" [Good job nobody was listening eh? They might've thought it was a casualty job or something else perhaps...]
So Mrs clever clogs here had a go, this time I'm hanging on to the tap end, desperately hoping water wouldn't spray all over us and the bathroom. Meanwhile Dave's messing about inside the loo. I innocently asked him if he "felt at home" with reference to being "The bog boat master?" But he wasn't laughing, (yet).
Next thing, because he'd been shoving the end (with the plastic bit) down the loo with such force. it must've gone round the U bend and dropped off,, our faces reflected a picture of shock and horror...
Me: "Told you not to shove it so hard."
Him: "Well I didn't know the end would drop off did I? Didn't even know it was detachable!" [Oh my, is there a doctor in the house please?]
I mean what if it was stuck down our new house bathroom toilet for ever? Or had it gone down the pipe? One thing for sure our resident "Bog Master" wouldn't be able to take THIS loo to bits.
Honestly, a fly on the wall would've died laughing, our faces must've been a picture. Thing is though, it wasn't funny at the time. But when we were talking about what had happened later on, it was hilarious, I'm laughing now just writing about it!
Anyway we gave up with the hosepipe, our neighbour who may have had a plunger was out, so Dave set off for the boat just to get the one. I told him he was daft, but to be fair all shops were shut being late Sunday night. Meanwhile I went over to tell my dad the bad news "Sorry to have to tell you this dad but your end piece has detatched itself & is currently residing in the U bend,  is it painful?"
When Dave got back we both realised there was loads more stuff he could've taken with him to leave there at the boat, but in the rush we both forgot! Anyway (bless him) he thoroughly redeemed himself by unblocking the loo, AND even retrieving the elusive "end bit". (PHEW) At last we could "down tools" for the day, and of course "Bog Master" status has been retained...!