Monday, 12 May 2008

A Visit From Family And Fluffballs

We stocked up on water and electric in the morning, (dam it those cards are hard work to slot into the meter). Whenever I try, it always ends up looking like it's been chewed on by a donkey, the air turns blue and it still it won't go "click".

I stayed here at the boat while my darling hubby went back to the house to get some sleep before work. There’s no point in me going back there now that all the hard graft is done. I felt a bit guilty, but he said "It's OK I won't be offended if you stay here you know!"
Aw, my sweetheart...

Meanwhile, it's not all roses, yet again, I can only stay because it's so warm. I’ve had to go back to the old fashioned way of running the engine for hot water (how embarrassing). We're now into week thirteen of having a boiler that doesn't work and a technician / engineer that can't be arsed.
Surprise visitors arrived early evening to see TT in her new berth. I say I was surprised because my dad's not well at the moment, so I never expected them to turn up unannounced!
They brought a friend of theirs who's been dying to see the boat, he was well impressed. As were my mum and dad with the different views we now have from this side of the marina.
While they were here we found a mother duck with twelve fluffy ducklings at the back of the boat, so we gave them some bread and they posed for a photo shoot! Ah...

Now are they cute or what?!


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