Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday DIY Day

The big change round part two began today at TT...
Once we'd waded through the ten extra jobs that were created yesterday, Dave carried on with his shelf building. Whilst I oiled the wood over the other side of the boat, and varnished various pieces of shelving for the corner unit. (Three coats required for each one).
As invariably happens to us, what started off as a serious attempt to get things done in an orderly fashion eventually turned into a comedy of errors on a grand scale.

We had a couple of shelves that didn't fit, and a wobbly one because a fancy leg support was shorter than the other after he'd cut them. 
So we were left with what looked like two "skittles," which had to be placed between shelves to support the TV hard drive thing and the TV shelf. Dave went about setting it all up. (How he'd designed it to look - after all this was no MFI jobby). It lasted about three seconds and fell down like a pack of cards...
Next he went out onto the dock to shave some off the legs to make them "even" and he accidentally dropped one in the marina, all I heard was "Oh shit!” Luckily it floated and he fished it out.
By this time though, all decorum had been lost, and what started off as silly giggling turned into full blown hysterical laughter. I couldn’t speak for laughing – well neither of us could, oh it's all fun and games isn’t it? Well isn’t it?
After tea we cracked on a pace and finally managed to sit down at 11pm, in our newly configured saloon. It's looking good but still not finished.
Looking good so far...
Yep, Dave’s slowly adding carpentry to his engineering skills…

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