Friday, 30 May 2008

Just Us And Our Boat

Early morning, another lovely day, and we said our farewells to Alan and Chris as they carried on towards Lymm. Meanwhile we turned in the nearby winding hole and headed off home. As mentioned yesterday work commitments meant we couldn't go any further with them, and had to turn back.

So we took our time, the weather turned cloudy yet REALLY humid and warm which was nice. The sky threatened thunder a couple of times but it didn't even rain, I guess we got lucky! It was very quiet too, we only passed 3 boats, and one of them was from our marina.

On the way back I managed the locks ok. I can’t use my back due to an old injury, so I have to push with my arms and lean forwards when it gets tough.

But as I discovered, doing it this way means you have to take "baby steps" or else you end up banging your knees a lot! My right knee was different shades of black, blue, yellow and purple later, but it won't happen again!

We pulled over at the same place we did yesterday for some lunch, the back of the boat was "grounded" when we set off again, but we got moving ok.

Facts: Fourteen locks and four swing bridges (in two days) was some achievement! Especially being as we were "first timers," and more than half of them we did on our own.

At one point we lost a fender going into a lock. Dave managed to fish it out, then when we got back noticed another had gone missing, didn’t see that one go!

When we set off yesterday, Dave swung TT round enough to get out of the marina in one go. So we thought it might be possible coming back in the other way too. It's very narrow and we bumped on the side, but it was no big deal, we were back in one piece!

People helped us to pull TT back into our mooring and all was well. I did a bit of a clean up while Dave went to get a Chinese takeaway, we were starving again! We sent a text to Alan and Chris, so they knew we were ok.

We were happy in the knowledge that we'd really accomplished something in the past two days. The effort was worth it, and it hasn't put us off at all... (Phew!)

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