Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Plans Cancelled Due To Bad Weather

Got up this morning and it was teeming down in buckets, we knew it was going to be raining but not like this!

Sent a text to Chris (just four boats away) to say "We must be crazy going out in this!” Please note this wasn't lazy, just didn't want to get soaked wet through. Well yes, I suppose it is kind of lazy but who cares, we all hate the rain.

Got a text back saying we couldn't go anyway. The rain was so bad it might be dangerous, hence we decided to wait till tomorrow with a much better weather forecast.

So unfortunately the delay shaved a day off our adventure, more about that later. 10.30am (original set off time) came and went, in fact it pissed down – all day.

We got on with the finishing touches to the saloon instead, it took longer than expected. Just sorting out the beading for the edges of the shelves took ages, so in that sense we'd saved a day...?

Later on we went shopping for some decent welly’s for me in case the towpath is muddy tomorrow. We couldn't be bothered going a long way. So we went to a nearby garden centre "out in the sticks" where they only had "unisex" welly’s in men's sizes (?) So they were all too big.

Next stop - a nearby tackle shop (as in horse tackle) bloody hell they had some there for £50.00, no way! Ok so they were furry inside and you could roll them down, (why?) Anyway they'd have to be lined with gold for me to pay that.

So I went for the cheapest option and at erm, £29.00 all in, I thought I'd got a good deal at first. Till we walked outside, then realised it was only a good deal in comparison to what everything else cost in there! I think the salesgirl could sense the urgency in me needing them for tomorrow, an easy sale.

Hence I justified this price tag to myself by surmising that I must be getting something "extra" for my money. Maybe they're supercharged, maybe they'll massage my feet while I slip-slide along, maybe they've got cushion soles like granny slippers. Then again it could all just be invested in the fancy box that contained them. It was like something you'd expect to find a designer wedding dress in, even had a proper handle and a logo on the side. Alas I still look like I'm wearing "wally welly’s" when I put them on, but I don't care!

During the time it took us to find the said item, we could've been to B&Q (miles away) and got a pair with flowers on to match Chris's.

As it turns out mine have butterflies on them, (aw sweet), apart from that they look exactly the same except they cost almost £20 more. Hence:

Saving time don't necessarily save you money!

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