Saturday, 17 May 2008

Stars And Stripes

Today we set about the task of using this star design which is on the side of the boat…
So we could copy a version of it onto the inside of the hatch doors.

The idea comes from me pondering about it every time I've seen a boat with decorative hatch doors open that are painted with a lovely design. Some of them look totally naff though, namely the old "roses and castles" which I'm not a fan of. But the majority compliment the boat and make it look really special.
The best one I've seen so far was a narrowboat that used to be moored at the marina. It had two hatch doors in different places, one on each side of the boat. They each had intricately carved wood with a beautiful design. And that same design was on the inside of the doors at the back, nice.

Anyway, once my idea had been "approved" by my other half, seeing as neither of us is a carpenter, the hammer and chisel approach was out of the question. That's how we agreed on the Star, anything else just wouldn't have looked right.
I may be good at creative ideas, but occasionally I need some help carrying them through! Hence Dave took charge of making the template to fit the doors, which involved lots of masking tape and precise measurements.
By working off the design itself, he changed the proportions so that it would cover the whole of each door, from the square shape on the boat to oblong. If I'd attempted it, it would've ended up looking like spaghetti junction. On the other hand Dave even managed to make the masking tape alone look so good I suggested leaving it like that... Then reached for the paint pot...
Of course, as per norm when we do anything like this, we had everything against us. Thunder and lightening, wrong size paint brushes, etc. etc. All adds to the fun!

After I'd nervously finished my nimble brushwork, Dave reliably informed me that the tape has to be peeled off while the paint is still wet, to prevent it fuzzing round the edges. So I stood back in anticipation of a (possible) white blobby mess. Had I gone over the lines? {Cringe}
To much relief, when the end product was unveiled, all either of us could say was "WOW"
The effect was stunning...
There's still some touching up to do on the varnish, but Spaghetti it is not…!

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