Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Unplanned Fishing Match

The weather was a lot better today, we spent the afternoon saying things like "well this is what it's all about.” This is the reality of the dream, and here we are living it, wonderful.
I sat on the front of the boat reading while Dave sat on the end of the jetty next to me fishing, this was the biggest catch of the day, not too impressive, but worth a photo...
A fishing match of sorts began with Alan fishing off the back of TT2, (front end's in, that's why he's at the back), and Tony fishing off the front of Lock Dodger. Some of the comments going round created more than a chuckle or two!! My "three fishing rods in a row" theory is now a reality!
Alan has this quirky thing going on whereby he has two bells at the back of his boat, which only come into use when he's fishing. The higher pitched one means he wants Chris to make a cup of tea, whilst the lower pitched one denotes a beer.
When he dings the higher pitch, I think the idea is that Chris (the captains mate) salutes. Says "aye aye cap'n" and puts the kettle on. Of course in reality she just ignores him or gives him a mouthful of crap...!

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