Friday, 27 June 2008

Ship Shape And Bristol Fashion?

Worked hard today getting TT ready for tomorrow, and the trip to Preston Dock. We originally thought we were setting off today. But when Alan checked with "Harry The Lock" our crossing had to be between 6-7pm tomorrow (Saturday). All thanks to low tides being in charge this weekend. (Has to be nine metres for a widebeamer).
Call this a woman thing, but I gave TT a good clean up this afternoon, whilst being wary of not putting my back out again. It was a fine balance, but it worked, (even helped to strengthen it a bit more I think). ¨
Dave came home from work and started going through the checklist of things to do. Or "boat prep for sea-worthiness while several major tech items don´t work" as I called it.

This is the anchor we've borrowed, by gum that's big! Good enough for the QE2 I think, Alan brought it round in a wheelbarrow.

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