Wednesday, 8 July 2009

After this I will never mention a fridge freezer ever again

“Oh, I’ve found a button in the fridge – never noticed it before” says Dave. [Strange that, as a rule I don’t store clothing in there, but I have lost a T-shirt recently]
The Button…
It's sat there between the light and the dial. The nearer of which was still on it’s coldest setting and doing nothing much at all.
“What’s it for?” says me. “Not sure, I’ll get the manual out” says Dave. [He gets the manual out]

Turns out it’s a “Fast Freeze” switch, and it was “ON.” But it should only be used temporarily when the freezer door´s been open. Like after “one” has been out shopping and bunged a load more stuff in.
Makes sense I suppose, but it looks like ours has been on “ON” for some time. It could’ve just got knocked or something recently? (Probably). It could be taking power away from the fridge? (Possible). So we switched this “Fast Freeze” thing off and left it alone. 
After about 90 minutes it was colder – like it should be. Meanwhile I decided an official test would be to put a bottle of white wine in to cool for later on, well why not? It was lovely, just a glass mind, I mean it’s only mid-week... I’m pleased to report we’ve turned the dial down to “6” since then and it’s still just right, Happy Days  then?
We left the thermometer inside (just out of interest) and would you believe it’s still reading 10 degrees? Hmm, a thermometer that tells porky pies?
Well,, if there was only one DUD in the shop, it would end up being the one we bought, so it makes sense really.
However, this will be verified because we’re going to put said thermometer in someone else’s fridge for a while – see what it makes of that.
Tune in next week folks for a free tutorial on electrical appliances, diagnosis, and repair…

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