Friday, 4 July 2008

Boat Fair Start Date

Everybody decked out their boats during the day today, TT was lit up with lights, while Alan adorned TT2 with flags, home made, and they GLOWED! Yes they were the only fluorescent flags in Preston Dock marina.
Our lights glowed nicely too, although it doesn't show up much on these photos, but from the other side of the marina, in the dark, they stood out a mile.
So here’s the close up version…

We saw the guys putting the marquee up during the day. So we went early to “reserve” a few chairs for other folks from our marina, ready for the evenings entertainment. Which consisted of a guy with a guitar and backing music doing what was in effect a karaoke of his own!
Some folks started dancing so we gave that a pass because it was a bit like the type of dancing that goes on at a wedding! (Oh no). We'd all taken our own booze which wasn’t by choice, there was no bar.
We had a right good laugh and even got given another Goody bag, this time it was a drinks cooler bag with two cans of beer in it, another surprise!
Later on there was a raffle, and I only mention this because I missed out on a prize by one number which is typical but who cares!
At about 1am we all paraded (or stumbled in most cases) back to our boats, what a great night it was…

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