Saturday, 14 June 2008

Confused Ducks

Dave decided to "tackle the roof" today because it had some scratches on it that needed sorting. They were only tiny, but he had to sand them out into circles and then use primer. So it looked a bit like TT had measles afterwards.
HOWEVER the two rather portly ducks pictured below thought differently. From the air the primer must've looked like bits of bread. So they landed on the roof and started pecking and poking at Dave's handiwork, fortunately it was dry by then.

They weren't deterred by his gentle arm waving "shoo" dance either, so he tried a gentle prod with one of the poles instead. Aha! We thought it had done the trick when they flew off, but they promptly returned about two minutes later.
We decided to give up and just take photos of them, Dave said he didn't mind as long as "they don't shit on the roof." Needless to say there was a nice little package sat there later on. I told him they must've heard him.

Quack Quack…

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