Sunday, 1 June 2008

Faulty Inverter Meets Fawlty Towers

Something I didn't mention in my posts about our recent voyage was a "minor" problem that occurred after we moored up. Apart from the fact that we haven’t had a boiler that works for months, when we went out the inverter packed up too. What the hell next...???

The inverter worked for about 90 minutes after we'd moored up on Thursday evening, then made a VERY LOUD whining noise that signals low power (and makes you fall off your chair).

Dave had just packed up his many items of fishing tackle and it was a case of "Now what?" We tried running the engine for half an hour, which of course was a no-brainer because it had been running all day on the journey.

So we put it out of our minds (in the same compartment as the boiler) and ended up playing scrabble at the back of the boat under the glow of triple AAA powered lights.

Forwards to today: We’ve spent a lot of time doing research online trying to learn more about inverters. But the more we looked into it, the more it turned into a "Tardis" of a problem, there were more possible causes of such a problem than we ever expected.

In conclusion we contacted a guy who's supposed to be THE best. After all that´s still not happening with the boiler. We listen to advice from friends now rather than marina managers... I mean Dave's an engineer himself, and can usually work stuff like this out. But "could be this" and "could be that" IS TOO VAGUE.

After that we gave up with it for now. This poor crippled boat, and poor us having to deal with it. Takes a LOT to make us both feel so fed up...

On a brighter note we booked a weekend at a hotel in Torquay online, so we could go to our grand-daughter's christening in July. A mere four hours later we found one, why so long? We were booking for some other family members too, which made it more complex. PLUS they've chosen the same weekend as a Lifeboat Men's Convention. So everywhere's booked up!
Then we noticed a hotel that just looked like Fawlty Towers. (Hello Basil). So we booked it because we'd got past caring by that time, it seemed to have character and charm. If I remember rightly the proprietor had a rather unfortunate name. [Just don't mention the Germans..]

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