Sunday, 6 July 2008

Fun And Games

Well there's still a bunch of stuff going on here today, Viking warrior canoes flying past (what a racket). The cox person was banging a drum for every stroke. So as you can imagine with three of these canoes going round the marina all day, by about 4pm we were hoping their darn drums would either wear out or fall in the water...!
This was about the 40th time they'd gone past us...
I shouted “SMILE!” him on the right reminded me of Les Dawson…
Some poor folks had to go home today due to work commitments, (we're in no rush because Dave's got these 2 weeks off). Most of them stayed, and each gap that was created was filled by boats from the other side. Those who´d arrived late and missed out on moorings with electric hook up, so by the end of the day it looked like no-one had gone!
Ju and Fran arrived to collect the all important handbag (it got forgotten yesterday because Ju was plastered when they left). So they stayed for an hour, I thought the Sunday would be fairly quiet. But everything was still going strong including the fire brigade water rescue team!
Chris in the boat next door to us (on the other side) invited us to a disco / karaoke night with free buffet he'd organised at the Waterfront pub tonight. We had plans to go for an hour, so Dave and Alan took both cars back to St Mary’s. Then brought just ours back so Alan could bring Dave back on Monday to collect it, (yes it's complicated but it works).
Meanwhile, I got watching the Nadal V Federer Wimbledon final. The atmosphere in the docks took on an air of the footy cup final. Towards the end even those folks sat out on the pier had an eye on things. Above the racket I was making I could hear folks shouting and chanting for each point Nadal won!
Dave got back before the match had finished and watched the last set, the way Nadal came back to win was awesome! Federer's a nice guy, but it was great to see someone else hold the trophy up.
Well, after all that excitement, plus an early start tomorrow, neither of us was bothered going to the pub. We just sat, chilled  out and reflected on what a lovely time we'd had. When we arrived here 9 days ago. We both wondered what the heck we were going to do for a week (before the festival started) in Preston. But we managed to fill every minute of it, quiet "chill out" time was relaxing rather than boring.
I guess a large part of it’s because Preston marina isn’t near the middle of Preston. We could be anywhere, so it's easy to make plans to visit places without being stuck in traffic.
It was a great weekend too, with lots of really friendly people, most boats were from the Lancaster canal, a real nice bunch. Oh, and a round of applause to the organisers who did a great job.
As a bonus we did really well with the weather, I mean the forecast for the north west was horrible for some days. Yet we had a lot of sunshine and warmth, there was only one cold and rainy day. Each day there was a distinct line of cloud in the distance and we were on the right side of it, never thought we'd get this lucky all week though. Hmm, nice…

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