Thursday, 3 July 2008

Goodie Bags

We were all given a "Goodie Bag" today, from the people who'd arranged the boat festival. We wondered why they'd asked us if we were small, medium or large on the phone, and found a sweatshirt for each of us inside!

It also contained: 
Two woolly hats (Timberland) each with a price tag of £15.00 on them.
A Riversway Festival cup. 
A brass plaque with "Riversway Festival 2008" on it.
All sorts of other bits n’ pieces.

Considering we'd paid just £25.00 for the whole duration of the festival, that's what you call a real good deal!
Going back in time: In 2007, Alan and Chris bravely took their new boat TT our boat to the festival while she was up for sale. There was a lot of interest in it, one couple were so keen they were serious about buying the boat. But, they had to sell her business first, and lucky for us it wouldn’t sell. (Thank you god!)
It was a close run thing because they kept in touch with them about it. And I’ll never forget the first time Alan and Chris took us out on the boat. There they were on someone else’s boat shouting “HEY! LOOK AFTER OUR BOAT!” When we got back that day, I asked Alan to take the “For Sale” signs down and he did.
Hence at the boat festival THIS year, they kept walking past our TT saying to folks "I really wanted to buy that boat you know.” After I'd heard this on about four different occasions I (jokingly) shouted "Tough Titty.”
Unfortunately the 2007 plaque got misplaced, so I asked the Goodie Bag people if there was any chance of getting one? Fortunately they had a spare one at home and gave us theirs, ah, what nice people.
A rather large visitor appeared later on for some food, which it took (very gently) right out of my hand...
It was one of a pair with a big nest over the other side of the dock, so we only ever saw one of them out and about. It was loving the attention from a mob of canal boaters…

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