Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Our Boiler Has Been Stolen

What I didn’t mention on here was that before we went to the Preston Riversway Festival:

Dave got a text saying “Your boiler is now in my possession" from the cowboy who’s been telling us he’ll put it right since last time it went wrong – months ago.

We haven’t paid his bill of £550 for 48 hours use, because it’s  outrageous. He didn’t believe that’s all it lasted after he fiddled with it, but never came to the boat to check! So he’s stolen it and taken it to bits. Said he’s going to charge us for that too! What? We never asked him to do that.

We’re determined to sort this horrible situation this week and get someone we can trust to put a new boiler in. The right size that WORKS!

Don’t speak to me today, we’re at the end of our tether with this guy and have heard story after story of his exploitations with other folks. Too many to mention, and he’s not finished with us yet because of the small matter of the bill (for nothing) to settle.

We went to the festival and put this out of our minds, so we could enjoy our time there. But now it’s back to reality. What with the inverter problem, we have a crippled boat, and can still only come here because it’s warm…

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