Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Grand Reunion At Last!

Being as one job creates another (for me anyway) I was still catching up with even more mundane tasks today. Liam and his girlfriend Maddy were supposed to be arriving from Germany at the house for either 11.30pm or 2.00am. Yes I’ve got those times right. It all depended on which train they arrived in time for at the airport.

Liam rang to say they'd managed to catch the earlier one. Meanwhile I'd just finished ironing at 10.00pm and they walked in half an hour later, what a surprise, they were an hour early! And PHEW, I managed to make it look like I'd gone to no trouble at all...!

After lots of hugs, we all sat down had a big conversation that lasted into the early hours.

Maddy is a really lovely person, she's from Germany, and brought presents for everyone with her. It's so great to be able to talk face to face away from emails and Facebook! We had lots of news to catch up on…!

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