Friday, 29 August 2008

Moving On

After pulling the pins we set off through New Lane swing bridge to navigate through further unchartered territory. We went past the Scarisbrick Marina site so I took some photos.
Excavation began on the site in May this year and as you can see there is some structure there now.
It looks like most of the piers and jetty's are in place, we were guessing about electrics. Lights are visible on the end of the piers but whether they switch on or not yet is another matter!
It will cover a huge area when finished, even though it's a building site right now, you can get a rough idea of the shape. It reminds me of when we used to walk past St Mary’s marina during it´s excavation and being built. It was fascinating to watch. At the time we had no idea we’d end up there living on a boat, or any marina, it just hadn’t been considered…!
Scarisbrick Marina building site…

We carried on to Halsall Hill Bridge (No 24) where there's a winding hole, so we turned round and headed back the way we came. Later on we moored up for the night in the same place as yesterday, opposite The Farmers Arms pub.
We arrived there about 7pm and met a couple who knew our boat (through Alan and Chris). I don’t know, this boat has quite a fan club. We once came across a guy on the towpath who told us "I've been on that boat and had a look around it ya know, it’s very nice.” We don’t get surprised anymore!
Later on we went to the pub again for something to eat, we were starving by that time! Then it was an early night ready for all those locks again tomorrow...

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