Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Calm Before The Storm

On the subject of the "great British weather" the forecasts haven't exactly been very accurate for our area recently. This has (unusually) been a good thing. Because there's been many a day where it should've been rainy and windy, yet the sun has still smiled warmly down on us,, (the righteous?)
But there was no escaping what was coming in soon and we knew it.

The calm: Yesterday evening

The storm: Today, checkout the ducks running for cover! And this was before the stair-rods began to fire down on us...

While on the subject,, have you noticed how all the female weather forecasters seem to have disappeared from our screens of late? Only to be replaced by smarmy blokes in black suits, with a condescending air about them?

In addition (this goes back years) it seems that all male presenters must have a "quirk" to qualify for the job:
The main weather presenter on one news channel is a gaunt looking guy with spiky hair, and has a strange habit of waving both arms about in a circular motion. When reading from the auto-cue, his animated voice goes from a whisper to a loud pitch and back again. Meanwhile he carries out a balletic double axle arm waving routine, marvellous stuff.

Then there's the guy from another news channel, he's so calm and laid back, it almost seems like he's bored to tears and needs a cat nap.
"And with the cold air,,,,, (pause) sweeping through from the East,,,,, (pause) this may even,,,,, bring some,,,,, rain."
Highly entertaining once you've identified the foibles, even if the weather is crap...

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