Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Waiting Game Day Two There´s A Heron On The Roof

Unfortunately today has been "ditto" from yesterday as far as the weather's concerned, so the decision to set off has been cancelled again, this is so frustrating!
We decided some retail therapy was necessary in the afternoon, (always a good idea at times like this). So off we went and I spent some of my birthday money.

When we got back there was an unexpected visitor. I've mentioned the "tame" heron that seems to think of the marina as its home. But we couldn't believe our eyes when it landed on the roof of our boat and posed for some photos! WOW...!

There's been many comments from comrades about it being plastic, (no one else was about at the time). So contrary to popular belief, look closely and you’ll notice it moves, I mean by itself...
So here's the question: Can anyone else out there get closer to a real heron and take a photo of it? That´s a challenge...!

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