Saturday, 9 August 2008

TT Turnaround Required Skill

Arrived at TT about lunchtime today, amidst a howling gale and pouring rain, well that's not so bad. Even carrying bags of stuff from the car park, well that's not so bad, BUT we desperately needed a pumpout, and in such conditions - this WAS bad!
After we'd unpacked we set off for the service area,, and knew it would be difficult. But we had no choice concerning this dilemma, we had "to go" for it nevertheless! (Excuse the pathetic pun).

After a lot of faffing about, back and forth with the boat. Helpful advice such as "give it some throttle, go with the wind, use it to your advantage" etc. Dave managed (just) to get her over to the service area, and some kindly folks helped us in. We were at such a weird angle I couldn't get off!

It always amazes me how the wind can carry a wide beam like that, it just takes the front end and off you go in the wrong direction. Of course it never works in your favour (well not ours anyway!) We'd have been ok out on the canal, that's different. It seems to happen when restricted to a breeze and open water. There's got to be a bow thruster out there somewhere with our name on it. 

Oh, and the rain was teeming down, it's at times like this when you realise what an advantage having a "covered back bit" is. Even so we both still ended up looking like something out of a horror movie.

When we (eventually) got back to the mooring, Tony was patiently waiting to pull us back in. It's so nice to be surrounded by such a fine bunch of folks, and in true community spirit we all help each other out.

So TT is "about face" this time just for a change, with the bow against the pier and the "back bit" facing the island. We sit out there a lot, even when the weather's crap, it doesn't matter.
The other way round to normal...

Hey, we're staying here till a week on Monday, yeah!!
Little note: A 180 degree turn of the boat can cause some confusion with "one´s" bearings, inside the boat it's ok. I mean you don't start walking up the boat when you should be going down it, the confusion only sets in when you look out the window...!

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