Monday, 29 September 2008

Would You Believe This?

How’s this for a cheeky coot?
The norm is that nuts and seeds on a bird table indicate sparrows and blackbirds can get a free lunch. But this little guy certainly breaks with tradition. After leaning over and nibbling at the seeds for a while. Here he is taking a well earned peck break, while checking out for any stray seeds that may be easier to reach.
He's a regular visitor to the bird table on next doors jetty, and while the ducks all look on in dismay, "why can't I do that?" The little coot looks down and says "well if you dudes had toes like mine you'd be up here too.”
WHATEVER NEXT??????????????

Friday, 26 September 2008

Spider And Cobweb Concerns

Before we got the boat, a spider in the house would be a major concern for me, until it was squashed splat. I didn't mind them In the garden, but if they came inside it was their own fault.

At the boat it's different, spiders don't seem to come inside very often. But on the outside, they seem to appear from nowhere multiply forth at an alarming rate, and create intricate webs outside overnight. Only yesterday I cleaned the windows, and by morning there hung a lace doyly in the corner of one as if by magic.

They must've cottoned on to the fact that sitting in the middle of the web doesn't do much for camouflage purposes. So they've all learned neat little tricks, webs can be appear to be abandoned, yet one beady eye will always be watching from under a sill somewhere.

The Julie and the glass story:

My best mate is REALLY scared of spiders. She once found herself alone in the house with a massive black one sat on the wall looking at her. You know the sort, those with eyes on stalks. So she bravely proceeded to cover it with a glass. Only then did it dawn on her she’d forgotten about the all important piece of paper to slide under it. So she was stuck to the wall till help arrived. It's the way she told the story, we both fell about laughing. It must´ve been one of those classic “you had to be there” moments...

Saturday, 20 September 2008

How To Or How Knot To Make Rope Arrangements

This has got to be the last warm weekend of the season, right? Surely another one is too much to ask. We came here to TT on Thursday, safe in the knowledge that there was nice weather in store, and sure enough the weatherman got it right :)Today Dave decided to fit the ropes we bought last week at the boat jumble "bungle." The one whereby we went with a list, and came back with new ropes – which weren´t on the list. In fact everything that was on the list wasn't there, hence the "bungle" bit. Which translated means: A crappy waste of time for anyone with a canal boat. Because it catered for nothing but plastic ones...
Anyway to get back to rope design for a moment, my hubby must've been in creative mode when he did this. The bow is now adorned with 2 blue ropes. Neatly arranged on either side, each winds in a sort of retro-style triangle of sorts,which follows the line of the bow.
He'd been out there faffing about for ages, then shouted "come and see what you think!   Cheesy grin. I thought it looked really good, but on closer inspection noticed the coils on one side didn't quite match up with the other. I didn't want to say it, really I didn't, but couldn't stop myself. So after a quick moan along the lines of "well you weren't supposed to notice that," he proceeded to rewind the side that didn't look right and did a dam fine job:
I took this as it was going dark so it's a bit shady, three things worthy of note:
a) Colour co-ordination
b) Expert style and design
c) If a man wants his creative side to shine forth, never ask a woman to inspect it!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Skirting Round The Edge Of The Southport Airshow

For the past couple of days we've been non-paying spectators of the Southport Air Show. The planes came down low over the marina as they were doing fly pasts and nearly deafened us all.

Quite spectacular to watch, and of course I'm privileged enough (?) to get the "full rundown" from my nearest and dearest, who happens to be an aircraft fitter. This mind numbing info includes details such as what type of plane / specs / flight path / top speed capability / Pilots name / which football team he supports, etc.

It’s all very interesting, except for when I'm actually sat next to hubby Dave on a big fat plane waiting to take off on a long haul flight. That's when headphones come in handy, because besides extolling the virtues of such a magnificent aircraft. He also points out the why's and wherefores of what could go wrong and what the outcome could be.
I can never tell which bits are a wind up and which is the truth. Believe me, it’s enough to make a nervous person run down the aisle begging to be let off the plane.
However, over the years I’ve listened and learned all about the flaps on the wings, whether they should be up or down, and exactly when. Oh, and also what it means if they're at different angles, but of what use this would ever be to me goodness only knows...
These are Hawks and Eurofighter's, the photos aren't exactly David Bailey standard, due to the fact that the camera decided it's battery was dead. Just before the planes started to fly lower pose...

Apparently the Red Arrows put in an appearance too, but not round here they didn't, maybe that's because the Queen wasn't at her canal boat this weekend.
After taking these photos I put the camera on charge, but forgot to switch it on at the wall. (I mean how thick can you get?) Hence we missed taking a photo of one of the biggest fish (Bream) Dave has ever caught too. 
Bummer for Dave that seeing as passing round photos of giant fish is such a big macho thing amongst the fishing fraternity. But alas without proof of size one is not taken seriously. Make of that what you will...