Saturday, 20 September 2008

How To Or How Knot To Make Rope Arrangements

This has got to be the last warm weekend of the season, right? Surely another one is too much to ask. We came here to TT on Thursday, safe in the knowledge that there was nice weather in store, and sure enough the weatherman got it right :)Today Dave decided to fit the ropes we bought last week at the boat jumble "bungle." The one whereby we went with a list, and came back with new ropes – which weren´t on the list. In fact everything that was on the list wasn't there, hence the "bungle" bit. Which translated means: A crappy waste of time for anyone with a canal boat. Because it catered for nothing but plastic ones...
Anyway to get back to rope design for a moment, my hubby must've been in creative mode when he did this. The bow is now adorned with 2 blue ropes. Neatly arranged on either side, each winds in a sort of retro-style triangle of sorts,which follows the line of the bow.
He'd been out there faffing about for ages, then shouted "come and see what you think!   Cheesy grin. I thought it looked really good, but on closer inspection noticed the coils on one side didn't quite match up with the other. I didn't want to say it, really I didn't, but couldn't stop myself. So after a quick moan along the lines of "well you weren't supposed to notice that," he proceeded to rewind the side that didn't look right and did a dam fine job:
I took this as it was going dark so it's a bit shady, three things worthy of note:
a) Colour co-ordination
b) Expert style and design
c) If a man wants his creative side to shine forth, never ask a woman to inspect it!

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