Friday, 26 September 2008

Spider And Cobweb Concerns

Before we got the boat, a spider in the house would be a major concern for me, until it was squashed splat. I didn't mind them In the garden, but if they came inside it was their own fault.

At the boat it's different, spiders don't seem to come inside very often. But on the outside, they seem to appear from nowhere multiply forth at an alarming rate, and create intricate webs outside overnight. Only yesterday I cleaned the windows, and by morning there hung a lace doyly in the corner of one as if by magic.

They must've cottoned on to the fact that sitting in the middle of the web doesn't do much for camouflage purposes. So they've all learned neat little tricks, webs can be appear to be abandoned, yet one beady eye will always be watching from under a sill somewhere.

The Julie and the glass story:

My best mate is REALLY scared of spiders. She once found herself alone in the house with a massive black one sat on the wall looking at her. You know the sort, those with eyes on stalks. So she bravely proceeded to cover it with a glass. Only then did it dawn on her she’d forgotten about the all important piece of paper to slide under it. So she was stuck to the wall till help arrived. It's the way she told the story, we both fell about laughing. It must´ve been one of those classic “you had to be there” moments...

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