Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A Birthday And An Anniversary

It's hard to believe the boat's been OURS for a year, how time has flown since then! Handover day was actually the 30th Sept, so it coincided with Dave's birthday (today) too.
It's a day neither of us will ever forget, all too "surreal" at the time, it didn't register for a week or two that TT did, at last, belong to us.

So we're going out for a meal on Saturday for a double celebration. If it's "two festivities in one" perhaps we get two meals for the price of one???
Dave's card from me played the song "Your simply the best." When he opened it, the song slowly strayed into a brilliant imitation of an old record being played too slow. But it wasn’t supposed to do that.
After some fiddling about with the dam thing it still wouldn't play the whole song. So I ended up singing it myself whilst playing air guitar...
Meanwhile on the subject of screeching sounds, the house alarm problem was fixed today. Turned out it needed a new battery. Aha! This house is slowly losing its power game of sabotage. However we’re not winning when it comes to selling...
Happy birthday honey!
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