Friday, 24 October 2008

Dave The Rope

Came to the boat yesterday, we can relax a bit now the red tape concerning the house is finished. But as for the house trying to ambush our plans to let it out (as mentioned previously), we now have a leaking gutter. Sod it, it can wait!
A couple of weeks ago (fender bender day) I mentioned the plastic tubing Dave had put over the ropes at the front where they touch the boat. So I thought I'd post some photos because it's such a good idea:

1) It prevents ropes fraying.
2) It prevents rubbing off the paintwork.
3) It doesn't do any harm.
4) Besides being practical, it looks real neat.
Note: Get the "looks real neat" bit? It's a woman thing, for me it's mostly about what it looks like, for Dave it's mostly about practicality. Same with everything of this nature, we always seem to find a compromise, so I guess we make a good team really.
The front bit, sorry couldn't get a full frontal view, I'd have fallen off the jetty...
Where the ropes thread through the side...
Inevitably Dave's ropy efforts haven't been forgotten by the local rabble round here. While sorting a draught excluder round the hatch (nowhere near any ropes). He was politely asked by Tony the Mop “are you rearranging your ropes again Dave?"
"Dave the Rope" perhaps?

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