Sunday, 12 October 2008

Lovely Day With A Real Crap Ending

We ordered a full set of six fenders with metal clips last week, and they arrived on Thursday, which coincided with us arriving at the boat too.
Hence today they were fitted. Dave fixed 3 down one side, (he doesn't mess about my hubby). Then he turned the boat round to do the other side.
Here's a photo of three of the new fenders AND a set of toes. The latter of which belong to "Tony the mop" as we call him, why? Well basically because he spends most of his spare time on the roof of his boat WITH a mop, cleaning what´s already clean from yesterday...
Below is the sum total of the pathetic fenders we had left after our summer travels. The rope one on the right dropped off in a lock, and was rescued with Dave's (now famous) fishing net. They don´t look nice when there´s a mix of rope and long stick ones. So we´re sorted now. 
However there was some controversy about these old fenders being of the phallic variety:
I dare NOT post the photo I got of it being "modelled" by a certain person, you know how important size and length is to guys? Is this the definition of a fender bender? I'll leave that one up to your imagination.
Mr Mop didn't want to be photographed unless he was wearing his captain's hat, (no such thing) so I caught him out here. Notice Dave in the background, he was giving a sermon about fenders at the time. You know, black bottoms, spring clips. It was so boring none of us took a blind bit of notice.
Don't drop off Tony ya'll get wet...

This is Tony's wide beam boat "Lock Dodger" so-called because it's never been through a lock, (true). In fact it's only ever been out of the marina once, to Tarleton and back.
n the sunshine one is blinded by the reflection from LD’s roof thanks to the thousands of hours Tony's spent mopping. In fact he spends more time on the roof than in the boat...
If we're lucky (or not as the case may be) we´ve been told we may get a few hints about the recipe for one of his famous stews. Apparently it sits simmering in a cauldron for several days, whilst Tony (between mopping) sits simmering on the toilet for the remainder of the week.

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