Thursday, 13 November 2008

Grace And Beauty

Last year there was a Lonely Swan that made the marina its home, if I remember rightly it took off sometime in June and disappeared.
That was about the same time that Harry the heron moved in to take over as the "centre of wildlife attention" round here.
Since then the roles have reversed again, Harry disappeared from the marina a few weeks ago. Meantime the swan has returned and this time he / she is not alone anymore. (We're assuming it's the same one!)
So let me introduce you to "Grace" (mum) and "Beauty" (the rather large baby) Ah...
Notice the duck hanging around in the background, out of the way of a peck, whilst scanning for crumbs…
I got these photos when they came down the side of the boat in an effort to be noticed. Ever hopeful that the human they'd spotted would have a loaf of bread to hand, and this one did. Hmm, cute and smart.
I wish I'd been quick enough to get a photo of the "stand off" that occurred between Grace and Paddy (the golden Labrador next door). He stood well back on the jetty, but his curiosity still got the better of him, couldn't help himself.
They both managed to hang onto their "personal space" (just), ensuring a safe zone between them. It was highly amusing to watch, hence I was laughing my socks off...

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