Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Officially Living Aboard At Last!

Our new tenant moved in yesterday and we were out of there quick smart.

Takey Tezey is now our new home, still can’t believe this is happening! What a performance we’ve had to go through letting out the house, you wouldn’t believe the red tape and hassle.

We got the perfect tenant though, a university professor! He travels all over the world and will use the house as a “base.” What more could you ask for?

The house has been for sale since April, we’d much rather it had sold. But alas not in the current housing market, this wasn’t the plan at all, and it’s not really what we want but never mind.

Plan B: We’ll wait a couple of years and try again.
The up side is we’re where we want to be full time, that’s all that matters…!

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