Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day At The Office

Wait… I've still not finished off Christmas Day yet! At night we went round to see our best mates Ju and Fran. (They live just round the corner from my sister's, AND just round the corner from our house that we don't live in anymore). We had a right good laugh and it was really nice to see some of Ju's family who we haven't seen for years.

So while us ladies were in the dining room "catching up" and having a good natter with a glass of wine or two. (Or even three). Dave and Fran were in the front room having a play about with the camera. Being as they're a couple of blokes, rather than take a photo of us all having fun, they each took one of Ju's Christmas tree instead. It still deserves a viewing because it's so beautiful and infinitely better than ours...

Later on when we got back to the boat Dave could finally sit down and have a drink, he'd had to go without one all day because he was driving, ah...

Meanwhile back to today: It’s a Boxing / filing day:

We've accumulated a mountain of paperwork that's just got stuffed away in various folders recently, but NOT very neatly and NOT very orderly.

This made us both realise that we had to do some "orderly filing" so we don't spend ages looking for stuff in future. Why did we choose today for this task?

I've no idea, because whilst it's tradition to sit down, relax, put your feet up, drink some more wine, and watch that crappy old Christmas film that you've seen about a million times.

We on the other hand got embroiled in what can only be described as a confusing mess, that took 10 times longer to sort than we predicted. But it was a stubborn case of "now we've got a system going, we've got to see it through" and it took ALL DAY.

Turned out to be "BoxFile day" for us this year then...

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