Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Camtastic Christmas Eve

There’s been the odd mention or 2 about my "crappy cam" on this blog (and off it).
So I'll start off calm here and slowly let things build into a crescendo. After tea Dave was secretly scanning online for the new camera I’ve craved for ages. I caught him out and invited myself to join in.

Having done some research concerning all the tech jargon, he'd already narrowed it down to two different ones, so we agreed on the "Cannon EOS 1000D". A very nice piece of kit indeed.
The next job was to compare prices at Argos, Curry's, Comet, and we were VERY surprised to find that "Jessop's" (a dedicated camera shop), was offering it for less than all of the above??? Weird, but maybe not too strange when you consider the current financial crisis.
At one time the "expert shop" focusing on one main product, would leave you with less change in your pocket than your average multi-electronic gizmo retailer.
So it looks like the "smart move" for the specialised shop right now is to undercut the masses or go down the pan. Which works out very nicely for the shopper on a mission. All we had to do then was decide when to get it, and the conversation went something like:
Dave: Well we'll leave it till just after Christmas eh?
Me: OK, but they might've all gone by then.
Dave: Nah, there'll still be sales on.
Me: Yes but sale stock is disappearing fast, so when new stock comes in, will it still be on sale? And if so will prices be the same? It's a gamble.
Dave: Nah, there'll still be some left next week at the same price.
Me: How do you know?
Dave: Well I just do.
Me: But this is a camera we're after WITH a separate package thrown in. So what if they’ve sold out?
Dave: Well perhaps we'd better go tomorrow then.
Me: Yes I agree...

Now for you guys out there the conversation above is a classic example of something us women are very good at, (well this one is anyway). It’s called "reverse persuasion." To explain further, I wanted to get the new camera tomorrow from the start. Follow the conversation carefully, and you'll notice that although Dave set off in the middle of next week somewhere. He's the one who ends up suggesting tomorrow – not me. Clever eh?


We went to get the camera this aft, no problems (amazing), Dave / Me (whoever), was right about the decision to go today. Because the package we'd chosen included the Cannon camera and lens plus another more powerful lens. The extra one being a Tamron, and there was only one of those left.

So at last we have our dream camera, look at this beauty... 

“That's a big ´un you got there sir...”

When we got back to the boat, Dave set the camera on charge and sat down to read the book that came with it (which rivals Yellow Pages). Meanwhile I decided to take a different approach,, to “learn on demand.”
By early evening we were both getting ready to go out to the pub for a drink. I was in the bathroom putting me face on when it struck me that things had gone very quiet, but thought nothing of it.
Turned out the new toy had come to life, the red light on the charger had turned to green, and David (Bailey) out there had been sneakily setting it all up. In a flash (excuse) Dave without the Bailey appeared in the bathroom doorway. In an instant (excuse) I was the subject of a very uncoordinated, very unprofessional, "photo shoot."
We were both laughing so much it was only after the third photo I realised that my face was all I WAS WEARING. Hence the very first photo this wonderful new piece of technology produced is one of me starkers. Just for the record, it won’t be posted on here, or anywhere come to think of it!

PS: We had a great night out, (minus camera), more jolliness and general silliness with our friends. Start as you mean to go on where Christmas is concerned eh?
Now all I need to do is learn a whole new way of taking photos...

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