Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years Eve 2008

During the day we had a good natter to folks, we were surprised at how many of us were staying here tonight! Tony smashed some of the ice at the back of our boat so we could have a nosy at how thick it was. He lifted out a heavy block that was like bullet proof glass, the ice in the marina almost looked solid enough to walk on, but no one was willing to test that out.

Later we had a little "impromptu" party (of sorts) on the back of the boat, Tony brought round cups of tea and free "Wagon Wheels" for us, do you remember those? They were MASSIVE when we were kids, but appear to have been trimmed down somewhat since then.
Note of shock,, Tony The Mop actually made a brew for us! Normally it’s the other way round, even so, it has to be said it was a fine cup o' char indeed so it must've been a special day...!

At night we would've gone round to the local pub for a tipple or two, but they were charging £35 to get in! Hotpot supper and (hopefully) free drinks for the rest of the year at that price! Needless to say we boycotted it, and we don't know of anyone else who went. Shame really.
Some folks were hoping to go out on their boats, but seeing as we are all well and truly "set in" there's been no movement either. Anyway we stayed warm n’ cosy inside the boat, and drank a bottle of wine --- each.
Took these photos earlier, I've never seen swans slip sliding on top of the ice before, they look totally befuddled don't they? Until yesterday they could make a channel through, and the ducks found that very useful, but not anymore...
Paddy from next door on guard, he and swans don’t get on well, and they’re a bit higher up than usual at the moment…

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