Thursday, 4 December 2008

No Show Snow

17 centimetres of snow they said,, not even one ice crystal fell. I was going to take some lovely fluffy white pictures and post them today. Yes it's inconvenient stuff that causes mayhem, but it does look nice.
This is what we got instead, oh whoopee, and no I wasn't going to step off the back of the boat for a clearer view. (Did I say clearer view?)

I only took the two photos, just to prove we missed the snow. I guess we're a bit lucky here because we never seem to get the worst of the weather. The majority of the time it's better than the forecast.
This time though we thought there was no way we'd avoid the snow, well amazingly we did, but were blessed with stair rods instead...
Ahem, the photo below was taken yesterday, but I forgot to post it, so:
Here's Tony sat a' back o' TT2
Having a rest and drinking a brew,
So with no mop in sight,
He's hurt his back, right???

Anyway while the stars of the show strutted their stuff yesterday, let's pay tribute to the underlings, the reserves, sat on the jetty there. Waiting patiently in the wings while yearning for the limelight, along with yon mon over the way there...
Today there's not a duck in sight, looks like they're all still knackered from yesterday's excitement.
Well I must fly,,, got things to do...

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