Friday, 12 December 2008

Swans Playing Duck Dodgems

The number of swans round here keeps increasing, they must be telling their friends that this marina is the finest bakery around these parts. Because over the past few days there's been an extra one arrived each day, and as you can see we're now up to four! It may not sound like a lot, but it's more than we've ever seen here.
Just sent these photos in to North West Tonight, on the programme they show photos in the background while informing us which version of grotty weather we'll get the following day. I think it's supposed to make us feel better about howling gales / blizzards / ice and snow etc. So these swish swans (and friends) could end up as celebrities. Then again are my photos worthy of being shown on a TV screen? It's questionable, but if I get an email from my agent later I'll let you know...

There was even a duck stood waiting patiently on one of my boots for a while, (I kid ye not) cheeky beggar. Couldn't get a photo because me fingers had ice forming on them by then. In fact the ducks had to help me out with getting the rest of the bread from inside the bag! Brrrrr…

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