Friday, 5 December 2008

The Puniest Christmas Tree Ever

When we went shopping yesterday one of the items on my list was "dinky little Christmas tree.” I never expected to find one, but there it was on one of the Christmas crap stuff shelves shouting out loud "Please buy me.” Aw it was so cute (and so cheap) how could I resist?
The fibre optic aspect was a bonus, so that's what swayed it for me...
When we got back to the boat I soon discovered it was in fact only half as high as the box it came in, and fell somewhat short of the picture on the front too. Oh why didn't I stop for a moment to read the DIMENSIONS???
This is a photo I took in semi-darkness so the highly technical battery operated fibre optics would show up. Yes it was switched on at the time, AND changing colour from red to yellow. But as you can see the special effects are hardly mind blowing or even visible at all:
We thought that maybe we could fluff out the branches to give it some shape. But no, they’re stuck fast, it's also wonky and won't straighten up.
So I sat it on the side while we worked out what to do? We were laughing so much Dave decided it should look a bit different. So he slapped it upside down under the breakfast bar, and the tree fell out of the base. Nice one.
After putting it back together I felt a bit sorry for it, so I've stood it next to the TV, and to get things in proportion here's the long and short of it:
We used to hide chocolates in the Christmas tree for the kids to find. This on the other hand, is "find the Christmas tree and you can have a chocolate."

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