Monday, 15 December 2008

Today It´s The Breakfast Bar

Dave got to work on today's job agenda and within seconds the place looked like a bikers yard. He’s methodical and well organised when he's working. Unfortunately his grand array of tools don't do methodical and definitely aren't organised!
As a knock on effect this creates a tendency to forget where he's put things, either that or something just gets buried completely and temporarily lost. I played "gopher" for a while, retrieving requested missing items and administering cups of tea.
There was nothing much I could do to help (honest there wasn't). So I put some washing on and escaped for a visit with some friends on their boat. Cakes all round so “Dave the worker” took a break and was presented with one too.

He was just putting the finishing touches to varnishing the edges of the breakfast bar and the job was done. So the big toolbox clean up began. It's quite fascinating to watch really because how he manages to stuff so many items in different boxes is beyond me. I'd end up with a surplus to throw in the cupboard for sure.
But what makes it work (and makes me laugh) is the way he places things neatly together in a toolbox. Then when he discovers he can't close the lid, there's a highly skilled "shuffle" goes on. Whereby almost everything is emptied out again and put back together, a bit like a jig-saw. He gets there in the end.

I've seen this particular talent in operation before, when I've been packing a suitcase and can't fasten it because there's stuff bulging out all over the place. My night in shining armour comes along and with some swift swapping about manages to close the case easily. It’s amazing, everything’s still intact and there’s no creased clothing. He calls it "getting a quart into a pint pot" he he.
Moral of the story: Always keep your tools in order, at least until you get them out...
(Oh really missus!).
Later on I offered to hoover up, well I had to show willing didn't I? And no, I didn't find any more tinsel this time.
Anyway, back round the breakfast bar, it's now got a nice angled edge to it instead of a rounded one that stuck out a bit too far.
I should've put "before and after" pictures together here. The ones I took on Saturday show the (carefully measured) tape in place, I remember a geometry lesson came into that somewhere.

And I should've took a photo of the corner as it was before the tape. Ah well, I guess it's too late to stick the discarded piece of wood back on now.

Finished product at the end of the day...

Had to crop my slippers and socks out of this photo...
Nice one dear…!

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