Monday, 19 January 2009

Picture Perfect

What a lovely sight today, a nice sprinkling of fluffy white snow across the hills to the left of the marina. This is the view we are lucky enough to have even from our mooring.
Meanwhile we had a light sprinkling of grey MUSHY PEAS here, so I'm not posting any photos of that. And the camera was so unimpressed it wouldn't take any close up shots of the gloom, no great loss...! 
Picture card stuff, although I forgot to switch the flash off so it looks black and white, see I'm learning...

Now if I can just find the off button...

Dave was chuffed to bits today when the extra lights he'd ordered for the kitchen ceiling arrived on time from Screwfix Direct. But when he checked them out there were no bulbs inside. How naff is that? So it's another trip to B&Q then.
I suggested just putting them up for effect then there's no wires needed either. I don't think he even heard my crappy idea because he was too busy squashing down the massively "outsize" box they came in. It was big enough for a chandelier...

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