Saturday, 10 January 2009

To Go Or Not?

Minus five degrees again last night, we could hear the crackling ice as we got frozen in yet again good style.
So what's happened to the forecast of "milder weather" then? I mean a positively balmy (barmy?) PLUS 5 degrees was predicted for one day last week, but we missed out on the excitement of it all here.
Yes there was a thaw that lasted almost a day, and we innocently thought it would be enough to melt the ice. I mean even if it went sharply cold again, it wouldn't be enough to re-freeze the water would it? I think we based this theory around the old chestnut "I've started [to thaw] so I'll finish" but alas no.
So this morning after a lengthy debate or two about:
A) Going for a pumpout.
B) How desperate we were, (excuse pun).
C) Whether we could last a couple more days.
D) Whether we should risk smashing through this lot.
The upshot was NO WAY…!

The camera hasn't quite captured how bad it was for real. As you can see it’s thawed over yonder, but there were still layers round us.

We can only hope that the loo indicator is lying to us again, it's told us the tank's full before and yet lasted a bit longer. Which gives us some lea-way for emergencies. (Rather this way than the other eh?)
Oh dear, my blog is being taken over by toilet humour...

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