Monday, 16 February 2009

Forget little boat niggles, there´s bigger one´s ahead

Today I thought the worst "niggle" was still my back, which has literally turned into "a pain in the arse" now. The aches have gone down into my hip too, which renders me sat here leaning on a hot water bottle, which isn't making any difference whatsoever.

BUT things just get worse, yesterday afternoon I heard what sounded like a boat engine in the distance struggling to stay alive. Then I realised this weird noise was coming from OUR BOAT (and it was nothing to do with the engine).

So I followed the noise to the battery charger. The usual almost silent steady hum, (which can't be heard outside of the cupboard it's in) had turned into a roar, with the needle on zero. Dave switched it off at the wall, waited for it to shut up and switched it back on. (Reset). No problem, it appeared everything was back to normal, so it was just a "blip" right? I mean after all it's not even a year old, so it won't happen again.

Then this aft it did just that, twice in 24 hours, this is no fluke, I switched the power off / on and it's been fine since. But that was only 40 minutes ago. (Whoopee doo). The batteries themselves are ok, so today's problem is a mystery? Give us a break here...

What with all the piddling little things that have happened in the past few days, I can cope with that sort of stuff, even have a laugh about it, well up to a point! But I can feel the stress levels rising now, this is a bit more serious.

Dave's going to phone an engineer we know for some advice later on, the only "upside" is that we were going to have a new inverter and six new batteries fitted soon anyway. So it looks like we might have to bring the schedule forward a bit.

One of those battery charger / inverter all-in-one jobby's might be a better (but costlier) option. So we might be able to discuss the why's and wherefores of all that at the same time...

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