Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Plan of action for that blue box in the cupboard


Today’s diagnosis was perhaps it's just the fan that's gone a bit "out of kilter." I remember a similar thing happened to one of the fans inside a computers of ours, there was a sticky label in the middle of it that slid down a bit. I realise this has probably got nothing to do with the battery charger problem whatsoever, but hey I tried.
It's now got so as it won't stop buzzing when it's been reset, it does so in its own time, (for goodness sake).
Anyway the boardroom table was carried in this morning, not by me because my back problem means I'm still not capable of lifting a paper bag. (I think I need a support girdle).
So we are now prepared (sort of) for the big meeting with the engineer and the decision making process tomorrow.
The agenda:
  • Can the battery charger be fixed?
  • If it can, we'll go for a separate inverter (same make) and save some dosh.
  • If it can't, we'll go for an inverter / charger, shame it's not two for the price of one eh?
  • Then there's new batteries, how many? Which type? Blah, Blah.
  • Sort out all the specs, and come up with the answers, (HA!)
Sounds straightforward enough? Nope, and you can bet your bottom dollar it won't be either...

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