Sunday, 8 February 2009

Poppers Flowers and Snow

Here we have David sorting out his poppers in the back cabin. If it were up to me we'd have the three sides that roll up (with poppers that keep popping off) REMOVED COMPLETELY.
There'd be something more substantial fitted to match the rest of the cabin. But while Dave's got the "We can rebuild it" thing in his head, my brilliant idea doesn't stand a chance.
Here he is replacing the poppers he replaced earlier because they turned out to be the wrong size...
Here we have the vast array of tools required for the job...
[We're still in the back cabin] Let me just explain that my windows needed cleaning on Friday, (I couldn't be bothered doing them at the time.) Hence each "boat plant" in Friday's photos was perched on the table for cosmetic photographic purposes. Except for the one perched on the loo that is.
So here we have two "group shots" of the boat's greenery where it usually sits out back, (with clean windows)...
Other side...
We watched the weather forecast last night, forget what I said yesterday about the snow perhaps turning to slush. (Bit previous there). It doesn't seem to have changed much anywhere. I gather the "thaw" that was mentioned a couple of days ago must've lasted all of an hour then.
Well we've escaped it all so far, BUT there's a big white blob in the sky overhead, oh look, we’ve got an instant blizzard, snow on top of ice AGAIN...!

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