Thursday, 26 February 2009

Zooming in on the water situation

Well there's been a teensy but noticeable drop in the water level since the pictures I took just yesterday. I've used the "big" lens today so you can't really compare them. We're all going to be moored up on a slant at this rate…
The ducks are now using this as a gentle slope to elegantly waddle down, instead of a full on belly flop without it...

I thought I was well all organised this aft, shopping list at the ready, Tesco run "done and dusted." But when we got back to the boat I was really miffed that I'd forgotten a Mother's Day card and present, for, well, my mum.
Thing is, I have to do cards / presents a month in advance, no other system would work and I´d end up forgetting folks. So how did I miss Mothers Day?
Yes I know there's still plenty of time yet. But there's evidence here that being reliant on a part-encrypted shopping list, and an ancient calendar of events might need a facelift.
Note to oneself: Leave any future card lists till they're a month in arrears, that way it might cost less...

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