Saturday, 7 March 2009

A crane might come in handy

And this weekends "man job" project is...
Removal of this diesel generator that came with the boat. It was never connected up by the previous owner, it's never been needed or used, so tatty bye...
All you can see above is a small part of it, apparently it was bolted down good 'n proper, so what a performance Dave's had getting it free.
He would've had to lift it up above his head to get it out of the engine bay because even when he's stood on the floor down in there with the engine. His head only just reaches the floor of the back cabin, and he's almost 6 foot tall! Yep, that’s how deep it is down there!
Being very careful and using "fancy footwork" seems to be essential.
So he and Alan are currently using a "makeshift" strap to lift it up. There's a fair bit of banging and crashing going on out there. Just hope it sounds worse than it is. Anyway, it's going to a nice home so good riddance to it!
Meanwhile I'm staying inside the boat out the way and pretending like I'm not here. I don't want to end up being the resident gopher, so if I just keep quiet...
This photo doesn´t do justice to the amount of wide beam space down there, and the "genny” being craned out is, (was) at the back on the right "under the hood.”
Couldn't get the engine in the photo as well, looks like there isn't one...!

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