Thursday, 12 March 2009

A goose that´s lost it´s compass

Yesterday I noticed what appeared to be a rather large duck over on the island. But after careful surveillance for a moment, it turned into a goose doing an excellent job of blending in with the ducks. It was even being stalked by one of them which bravely tried to suss it out for a while. (Never seen any here before, on the ground that is).
Perhaps it took a left when it should've turned right with the others or maybe it's an outcast, ahh. Whatever it's personal situation may be it looks totally befuzzled and lonely so I gave it some bread.
However it stayed well back from the duck frenzy going on in front of it. They're all that busy bonking each other at the moment, and they're VERY hungry. Guess it helps keep their stamina up, amongst other things.Anyway this lone "goose on the loose" reminded me of a "geese" confrontation we got mixed up in while Dave was fishing at a secret pond we used to go to (before we got the boat).
Let me set the scene here, I would sit in my "luxury spectator chair" (yes that's really what it was called), and hover gently above ground whilst: Reading, passing butties, and sometimes being a pain in the ass concerning noise levels, (nope, no fishing for me).
Although I did net the "big buggers" for Dave and nearly got dragged in once.
Anyway one day, after Dave got all his tackle out, (no comment) some very aggressive geese suddenly appeared with babies and chased us off. So shaken not stirred we packed up, and moved further on.
But considering we carried round the equivalent amount of baggage as would be required for a two week holiday in Barbados, this wasn't an easy operation. We had to keep sneaking backwards and forwards to retrieve the job lot without being attacked. Anybody stood behind us with a video cam would've captured a gem of a comedy scene.
I say all this in the past tense because nowadays Dave just steps outside and sits on the jetty, rod in hand, happy as can be. Sometimes I sit on the front of the boat next to him for old times sake, but it has to be WARM WEATHER!
Meanwhile back at the "secret pond" here's one I caught earlier, well he caught it,, I netted it.
Oh, and Dave says to let you know it's a carp...

And this is an innocent bystander that thought we were a couple of nutters, I could tell by the expression on his face...
It was comforting to know that he was behind a wire fence, but he wouldn't go away and he ponged a bit...

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