Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Cause and effect of a bad smell in the back cabin

For a while now there's been a mild yet pungent "fragrance" in the back cabin, some days stronger than others, for example while it's been really cold we thought it had disappeared. But jeez it's been intermittingly minging.
Imagine a mixture of rotting vegetation mingled with a smidge of cat wee and a faint hint of Brussel sprouts. Then turn down the strong pong to a bearable but noticeable one,, you're getting close to the real thing. Ugh...
Some days the fumes have been more potent than others, especially if visitors arrived unexpectedly, (of course it would work out that way). On such occasions, and with no time to bring out the lavender air freshener first, people found themselves being herded through into the boat like cattle. God forbid if they had chance to take a breath in the meantime.
I was a bit more curious about it than Dave, especially when it was logical to assume the stink must originate from outside the boat and seep it's way in like an unseen fog. BUT that theory was trashed when stepping outside the cabin, the air seemed fresh and clean.

The above has been written in the "past tense" because I found the culprit yesterday when the spare generator was removed, (placed in a wheelbarrow and trundled off to its new home on another boat).
Aha! Hiding beneath where it's been sat was an old cloth Dave's used for fishing several times. I didn't need to ask, but gathered it had been utilised for tasks such as wiping fish goo off his hands and for some reason he’d thrown it down there. He even admitted to "rinsing it out in the marina afterwards" so that makes it better then?
Needless to say I took it outside, and wrapped it tightly in two Tesco bags till next time we empty the trash.
New rule: When removing fish slime from the hands in future, use disposable rags only, re-usable sh*tty cloths ANYWHERE ON THIS BOAT are BANNED. I don't get it, how can a guy who's clean and tidy in real life not think twice about wiping his hands on a cloth full of salmonella?
Just for the record, here's a replica of the offensive item. it was one of my top quality dusters (3 for £1.99) from yonks ago...
And this is an official reconstruction of exactly where it was found, (under the generator that isn't there anymore...)
After thoroughly disinfecting the area giving it a good scrub, then a good clean. Then a second scrub and clean (sounds like a painful facial) it smells like a rose garden now. PHEW...!

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