Sunday, 8 March 2009

Down Tools

So why a picture of the ceiling?

I once saw a feature about a new boat in Canal Boat mag. It had the full length of that "middle bit" on the ceiling painted cream... (Is there a proper name for it? I know it covers up all electric wires n stuff).
Anyway it was so effective I showed Dave the photo, to which he responded "Hum, looks good" which translated means "Don't get carried away dear, impressive but don't go there." OK (I got the message) but it didn't stop me subtly trying to "plant a seed" within the odd sentence or two.
So we were at B&Q (our second home) the other day and Dave suddenly suggested getting some paint to do that "middle bit" on the ceiling. [Stifled gasp of surprise from me] Result, but I still remained a cool dude about it.
Today we were supposed to start the job, Dave reckons the wood's got to come down first, then we can paint it out back because it’ll be easier. BUT what with wind, rain, hail, and snow, (yes it's THAT BAD). It´s way too cold, and even in the cabin it wouldn't work.
So I suggested we do it all inside which wasn't warmly received at first because he was bothered the boat would stink of paint. Personally I couldn't care less if it smelt of manure for a couple of days as long as the job's done. Besides paint doesn't pong as much as it used to these days.
Either way it's all been postponed till next weekend...

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