Monday, 23 March 2009

How´s That?

Well it took longer than expected to finish off today, (like these things always do). We followed the experts advice such as: Let it all flow to achieve smooth lines blah, blah.
Et voila, we now have “Feng Shui” in the shower cubicle. That’s a chic design statement, not a person...  After we'd cleaned up the residual mess I took these photos, now is this swish or what?

See that ceiling...
I was laid on the floor when I took these next two, so as you can see it's a bit disorientating, (even confused the camera) well I have to be different I suppose...
The bedroom's next, but it'll have to wait a couple of weeks now because we've got the new combi inverter / battery charger, and new batteries being fitted next weekend. So that'll be another fine mess we'll be in then, ah well, all in the name of progress...!
PS: On the subject of progress (or not as the case might be) we've still not heard anything about the leather settee we ordered and paid for 2 months ago.
Think they'll be getting a phone call from us soon…

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