Sunday, 29 March 2009

More new necessary tech gear

Tom arrived bright and early to fit our new combi inverter / battery charger, and 6 new batteries today.
It’s exciting stuff when we’ve had an inverter that hasn’t “inverted” for a long time now. It even resulted in us having to chuck the contents of the fridge / freezer away from last time we were out on the cut.
Fortunately it was towards the end of last year when that happened and we weren’t going to be doing any long voyages over winter. So it didn’t really matter then, but NOW it does.
Tom had to re-arrange things “down in the depths” because of the batteries ,but he managed it. Meanwhile with the back of the boat being a “no go zone” I decided to do some “gardening on the jetty” because it was such a nice day.
So I got my bag of compost out, had a replanting and re-potting session that was meant to take about 20 minutes tops, but ended up somewhere around the 2 hour mark. Some greenery has been re-homed, some has been replaced, and a few tired looking plants have been revived, (well I think they have but I guess time will tell).
Later on we went to a good old knees up at a friend’s boat. There was no power at our boat all afternoon, and Tom was busy till after 10pm. So Dave took him a plate of food round, and stayed there to aim a torch where it was needed…!

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