Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What´s in a name?

I was reading a book last night and discovered an old bookmark somebody once gave me that's years old, I'd totally forgotten about. It gives a definition of the name "Heather" and goes as follows:

"A name taken from the plant.
She is strong-willed,
and determined,
and will succeed
in everything she tries.
She knows her own mind."
Then there's another one on a little plant pot at the back of the boat which says:
"A strong woman,
Loves the outdoors,
Gives without expecting reward."
Not blowing my own trumpet (you understand), I'm no angel but they're BOTH TRUE...
This is the definition for "David" written on a tea cup I bought for him years ago, eventually the cup got chipped and was thrown away, but I kept the words in my "poems" folder:

"David - meaning beloved"
"In the hearts of others,
You’re held as a treasure.
You’re charmingly witty;
You give so much pleasure.

Your many admirers
Are quick to surrender
To your captivating smile
And care so tender.

The support you give others
Is warm and assuring-
It’s no wonder your appeal
is so alluring."
Blowing Dave's trumpet on his behalf this is ALSO TRUE...
I find it hard to believe that a name can define a personality, but these descriptions of us two are so close to reality it's uncanny.
Then again it doesn't quite explain why for example, two different people with the same name can have no connection to the meaning of it, or each other, hmm, fascinating.
And last but not least we have:
A synonym for the old gem "Take it Easy"

Hmm, OCCASIONALLY TRUE..............................

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