Friday, 10 April 2009

A big welcome home on a very good Friday

After driving through Germany, France, crossing the ferry over to the UK, then driving up to Lancashire from Dover, (all in less than 24 hours). Our son Liam and his girlfriend Maddy (Madeleine) finally arrived at the boat. I don’t know how they were still awake! (Neither did they to be honest). There were hugs and kisses all round, then we had a good catch up on all our newsy stuff…
Here they are, half asleep but still going strong…
Later on we had a fine meal that Dave the “master chef” bunged in the oven earlier, it was yummy “the kids” really appreciated it having been on the road for so long. [Dave could make a meal blindfold with one arm tied round his back, it would still turn out better than anything I could ever create]
This is a picture painted for us by Maddy’s grandma, beautiful isn’t it? Already up on display, couldn’t resist…
Here’s a “close up,” the blue and white colours are stunning …
Don’t think I need to say this is a German tankard with a large can of beer in it – for Dave of course…!
There was something special about this kind of beer, however, not being an expert I can’t remember what!
They also brought a lovely bottle of wine for me, it was wrapped up with fancy ribbons and chocolates tied amongst them. But I forgot to take a photo of it all dressed up, and now it’s been undressed, forget it.
fter our “feast” they set off round to our daughter’s house where they’re staying for a couple of nights, whilst visiting folks during the day. It’s months since we’ve seen them.
Liam’s Army base is in Germany and it’s wonderful, nay, overwhelming to be with them after so long. Hope the weather is kind to us on Sunday – we’ve been told it’s supposed to be. Fingers crossed…!

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